Need for Single Speed

part three

This morning I re-dished my rear wheel by loosening the drive train side spokes and tightening the spokes on the opposite side. Around and around I went, doing one side at a time and then doing the other. I was making half-turns at first, and then I went to quarter-turns when it seemed I was reaching the limits of tightness and looseness. Now it looks a lot more like the front wheel, but it is hard to take a photo, so you will have to take my word for it. The drive side is still "flatter" than the other, but maybe that is okay; I need to get the freewheel on before I can make all the necessary adjustments for chain line.

Next, I need to buy a single-speed freewheel to replace the geared one that I had on originally. Except for a new chain to replace the gummy old one and a new tube to fix the flat in back, this is the only thing that I need to buy (I hope)! I think I will use a 20-tooth freewheel, which is on the large end of what tends to be available. It's time to make some phone calls.

County Cycle in Roseville is where I like to buy most of my new stuff. I ride past it on my way to work and the employees are always friendly and helpful. They stock three brands and many sizes of SS freewheels but don't have any 20-tooth ones right now. A girl at Woodbury Penn Cycle said that the Lake St. location had one showing up on the computer, but they were unable to find it when I called over there. I also tried The Hub and Erik's, but neither of them even stock the size that I want.

Finally, I called One on One and it didn't sound like I would have any luck there either. They had 16 and 17 tooth freewheels available, but couldn't find anything larger. Just as I was about to hang up, they told me that they had found one ACS 20-tooth freewheel and I could have it for $20. Score! Only problem was that they were closing for Saturday and wouldn't be open again until Monday.

But wait--then I called Freewheel on Sunday, and they had the same thing in stock, plus they were open. Time for a trip to Murderapolis! I bought the freewheel, a new tire and tube for my front wheel, and a new chain to work with that new freewheel.

Too bad I got all the wrong stuff and didn't realize it until I got home. The chain is 1/2x1/8" and I wanted to buy a 1/2x3/32" chain. 1/2x1/8" chains suck. The tire is 27x1 1/8" inches for hook type rims only and I have a hookless 27x1 1/4" wheel. Okay, the freewheel and tube are fine, but I have to exchange half the things I bought, and that sucks. On the other hand, I think I learn more from my mistakes than when everything is going well.

Speaking of replacement parts, check out the wear on those brake shoes! You can see the progression here, which means that they weren't being used equally. The one on the far left looks brand-new, but its twin is worn down pretty good. The one on the far right has been worn almost to nothing! Add that to the shopping list. This is getting more expensive than I anticipated. But, as long as I end up with a functioning single-speed at the end of this, it will be worthwhile.


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At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

murderopolis? are you kidding?

At 12:14 AM, Blogger Brett Yonally said...

Any more info on how you got your chainline straight? I have an 80's japanese frame which had a suntour perfect freewheel on it also. I switched it out for a shimano 17t freewheel. It works but my chain is by no means straight. How does re-dishing help? Doesn't it just center the hub irregardless of how everything lines up? Did you have to re-do the axle? Any tips would be appreciated. I am hoping for a buttery smooth commuter. Right now it is only so/so.


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